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The mesmerizing world of Crystals

 I was working as a senior manager in the company and was suddenly faced with the challenge of replacing another employee who was fired for his corrupt behaviour. I had given 15 years for the company and I was unwilling to take up a new post ,that was already in the problems. One of my friends , who is a spiritual coach, suggested that, I should wear a specific crystal to resolve the problem. I took the advice and soon after I had a very amenable discussion with my boss , and I was able to retain my position. 

 Similarly ,one of my friends used to have frequent fights with his spouse, who had a very pugnacious nature. She would argue with her in laws and husband for the smallest of issues. On the advice of the same person, she started wearing a rose Quartz pendant ,which not only improved her health, but also smoothened her marital life. Was it the energy of love in the rose Quartz that helped the woman balance her behavior?

To find answers let us dig deep into the world of healing crystals.

 What are crystals?

 Geologically, crystals are natural solids made of minerals, that are formed naturally inside the earth. Available in different shapes , colours and sizes, each crystal has a precise arrangement of atoms or structured atomic arrangements. Crystals are formed, when the liquid present inside the earth consolidates at a very low temperature and also when the liquid makes its ways through the cleft and dispenses material into these clefts.  They have a precise vibration and pattern . Each type of crystal has its own unique mix of elements and specific properties. A lot of crystals are man made in the lab, as they are extremely rare to find on earth. Their appearance depends upon the natural characteristics of the type and condition in which they grow . Some take on strange shapes, some very small and others grow very large if they grow over thousands of years. Their use dates back to stone age, when crystals were used as weapons and tools to produce fire .

According to sources, the first historical references to crystals, comes from the Ancients Egyptians used to serve in the magic formulas. The ancient Egyptians used crystals like Lapiz Lazuli, Turquoise, Emerald and Clear Quartz in their jewelry. Crystals were not only popular amongst the Egyptians but even among the Arabs ,who watched the miraculous efficacy of Hakik and Firoza crystals, also known as Agates and Turquoise respectively . They were frequently used in the medieval times as amulets for healing and protecting the individuals from negative energy.

 What makes them an ideal for healing?

 Undoubtedly ,this beautiful Rock formations have helped us since time immemorial. They are considered portals for inner work ,spiritual awakening and ascension. Crystals contain minerals that have healing properties . For example the copper in malachite reduces swelling the Lithium quartz helps in reducing stress and iron oxide in Hematite is good for blood circulation. There are modern medicines that are made from the same mineral content ,as that of crystals. The repeating chemical structure of crystals is set to invest them with the kind of memory. This means that crystals have the power to hold energy . You may hold the Quartz crystal with intention of filling it with your love. This is what is meant by programming a crystal.

You do not need any wires or special connection with God -all you need is intention and focus. The Crystal will remember your love, which will then permeate any environment in which the Crystal is placed . Crystals can remember ,negative as well as positive energies and so will sometimes need to be cleansed. 

Effect of Crystal on mental and Physical health

Certain crystals like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Kunzite and Selenite have a certain soothing and calming energy . They work directly on the senses ,calming them, thus helping us relax mentally. Other crystals help in balancing different imbalances in the body and heal the body gradually.

 Crystal healing is an alternative medical technique in which crystals and other stones are used to cure ailments and protect against diseases. Proponents of this technique ,believe that crystals act as conduits for healing -Allowing positive and healing energy to flow into the body as the negative disease- causing energy flows out.

 Ancient egyptians are considered as one of the first people to adorn themselves with crystals such as Lapiz lazuli, Carnelian and Turquioise to ward off illnesses and negative energy. The stones and their positioning are chosen on the basis of symptoms reposted by the patients. This is influenced by the healers’ skill and the Chakra philosophy of disease and energy imbalances.

Can I choose my own crystal ?

 The answer is yes! The popular adage,” Crystal chooses you” rightly fits here. Our subconscious gets attracted to a specific colour, vibration or may be that the Crystal that fascinates or attracts us is the one meant for us. One must always go by one’s gut feeling or the first inner response. 

 Reading up the properties of Crystal to find out if it matches your needs is is a great way of using a crystal. But they should be used, only after following the proper procedure of cleansing or charging them as suggested by The Crystal expert .

Some of the common Crystals.


 Also known as the merchant stone, this pale yellow to brown egg shaped crystal is a transparent Quartz ,composed of silicon oxide. Carrying the power of sun, his stone emanates positivity and joy and stimulates the Chakras, thus clearing the mind and stirring the soul to action. The property of attracting wealth and abundance are some of the most well-known of Citrine. If seeking abundance in financial or business ventures , this stone aids in its manifesation. Citrine is an excellent crystal for interpersonal relationships.

Citrine is also useful in meditation, as it opens the door to inner thought . When meditating with Citrine, one feels the growing warmth both within and without.

 Tiger’s eye

 If you find yourself in the doldrums of negative emotions like fear ,anxiety, self doubt or any other unfriendly thoughts, then the tiger’s eye is for you. As the name explains -the eye of a tiger. This crystal will help you balance toxic emotions by keeping the mind sharply focused on your true desires. A crystal with lovely bands of Golden yellow etched on it , Tiger’s eye fuels the energies of boldness, courage and mental strength in a person to make them emerge a winner. It deflects unwanted energies, raises your vibration and attracts success and good fortune, empowering you to become successful in life.


Member of a quartz family, this glassy, translucent crystal comes in shades of red and brown and is used for its incredible healing powers . This vibrant crystal helps you to get rid of difficult situations in life. It holds the energy that lends courage and stability to a person ,who has lost liveliness. and motivation .Carnelian helps you break through creative blocks so that you can show the best version of yourself . Spiritually it resonates well with the solar plexus or power chakra and the base or the root chakra . This healing crystal in its beautiful shades of orange, floods you with the inspiration, confidence and motivation, making it perfect for anyone looking for a rush of Creative energy.


 Are you stuck in the loop of scarcity? Do you lack abundance? Go for a Pyrite . A very easy to find gemstone, in any crystal store, it helps in attracting abundance . Also known as the fool’s gold ,with glittery hues and metallic luster, this crystal is highly recommended for your workspace to attract wealth and good luck .It brings revitalizing energy to your workplace ,helping you overcome laziness , procrastination and lack of discipline. This crystal is a concentration booster and enables you to think new thoughts it helps to get rid of old ideas by shifting your mind set eventually. Working with this crystal, will help you manifest luck and abundance in reality.


 The shiny black stone ,which is formed by the cooling of Lava, absorbs negativity and deep cleanses your body of psychic ailments. Guardian of the soul , this crystal is highly recommended for those areas of your home or office where you might host negative people. This stone has a great ability to break negative attachments to people who are close but are at the same time the negative . Obsidian also aids in releasing feelings of resentment ,fear, anger and stress that drain your energy. It resonates with the base of the root chakra and grounds, blocking out psychic attacks and any evil eye completely Laden with metaphysical properties. The energy of the stone may also stimulate the gift of prophecy.


 Our mental chaos can be our biggest foe that never let us stay in peace. If this is the case with you, then you must go for Amazonite-a beautiful blue-green crystal that holds the property of pacification. Amazonite soothes and calms the maelstorm of thoughts caused by negative energies around us. It works as a great pacifier for the ones suffering from nervous disorders and fiery temperament. This anti anxiety medication of the crystal world provides harmony and balances the masculine and feminine qualities in an individual . Meditating with Amazonite with the intention of bringing clarity and transparency to the purpose of life rejuvenates an individual. It is a powerful heart and throat Chakra stone that helps release toxic emotions and express oneself fearlessly  and clearly.


Jade, a crystal that occurs in lovely shades of olive green is laden with healing properties illuminating various aspects of life like health, wealth and love, this crystal aids you in experiencing a sense of happiness and satisfaction that you’ve been waiting for .In terms of career guide, Jade helps you to realize your full potential at work. Also known as the stone of eternal youth, Jade is used in various beauty modalities. It is known to promote wisdom, balance and peace . Meditating with green Jade, which is known as the crystal of immortality helps you to open your heart Chakra, making you develop a sense of gratitude for the things you have in life. It lifts self-imposed limitations and assists a feeling of joy in one’s ideas and desires.


Selenite occurs in several hues of white and belongs to the family of gypsum crystals. This self-cleansing crystal helps raise our vibrations and shine more of our unique light into the world . Our aura accumulates certain negative energies and these energies get stuck in us in the form of emotions like anger, sadness, depression, fear and even anxiety. Selenite acts as a magical wand that cleanses all the negativity in our aura, making it vibrant and filling it with colours of positivity. Softer than any other crystal, Selenite is an ideal stone which can be placed in the living area to fill it with positivity and purity . Also, meditating with this crystal is a great way to align the chakras since it clears energy blockages and heightens are psychic abilities.

Falling in love with the crystals, is a very amazing experience which is beyond words. If you ever walked into a crystal shop ,you will how you will feel swarmed by the energy of crystals and I hope that you find yours !