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Transform your Home with Witchcraft Magic

If you are thinking, Witch magic homes is all about black cats, broomsticks , or the Gingerbread shaped houses, I am sorry to disappoint you. It has nothing to do with it . Witch craft inspired homes are mostly about creating a place, where, safety ,harmony, and purity are important . The only magical thing about it, is the way you bring these things into your home  and make them an important part of your daily life. 

I came across Hearth witchcraft , when I noticed that my triggers were always , off the roof . Any interaction with a family member, was pushing my buttons and even there presence was enough to make me go crazy . All I needed was some me time and space, and who doesn’t these days. The pandemic has made it worse for everyone. I needed to find a solution, and that is when, I bounced upon Hearth Witchcraft homes.

Essentially, Hearth Witchcraft is a daily, living mindfulness practice to transform the mundane into the magical.

What are Witchcraft Homes ?

It is all about creating the magic spell !

 It all depends on, what is important to you, what kind of vibe would you want to create in your house. Would you like to come home to a place, where you grew up , and as if time stood Still. Or do you want an atmosphere like the lazy afternoons in the autumn, when you lay down on a sofa, and tune into your favorite music. Maybe you just want to have a comfortable, fresh green interiors and purified air, that is hopeful of the future, more than the past. So, it all depends on what you want to create and that is , where magic comes into play.

If you do not know yet, and want to get started . A simple exercise can help you decide on ow you would like to design your home . You just have to say it loud, about what you want and what are your ambitions and dreams and look at what comes back to you as a response. Thinking out loud, gives you that extra intentional power to make it happen. This is how you open yourself , to the fulfillment of your wish .

As a next step , you need some props to make it happen. These props are usually natural , simple objects , which, when kept in the right place, create magic.

Magic Spells through Herbs

Herbs, for example , are important. They have their own powers and applications. Tarot readings, meditations, burning an incense , can not only help in bringing clarity of thought but also purify and cleanse the room. This should specially be done , after guests have visited your house, so that you can reclaim your space.

Shiny balls of energy

Shiny crystal stones have been used throughout centuries. People have attributed Special Powers to these crystals. They have their own energy and besides offering spiritual support, they are also visually very appealing in the house . There is a proper place for each type of crystal . For More Read What crystals do to you ?

 In the end, witchcraft homes are all about creating Ideal Homes in the heart and adding a little Spark to make it more exciting.

Why do I need Witchcraft Homes ?

Have you every felt, that the house doesn’t feel like home. Have you secretly desired to have your own sacred space, with no one around. There are times, when you feel, your soul is being limited from expanding and manifesting to the universe? Do you feel heavy and burdened with never ending chores , demands and not enough time for yourself ? Do you at times get overwhelmed and have an outburst of energy on your children or partner , feeling extremely guilty in the end ?

You have perhaps been putting effort in calming your anger and emotions, but it doesn’t settle you. It only makes you feel worse about yourself and bottled up . You may withdraw yourself from these surroundings , for a brief time, but you will eventually have to return. Not only that, as a nurturer, you may want to reorient your space, so that it nurtures and cares for your soul .

Cornerstones of Witchcraft Homes 

At the very foundation of hearthcraft, is the magic that leads a house to transcend and become a home. A house is a very materialistic object where people co-exit and share a space. But it lacks the soul, which makes a home .And the term hearth takes that a step further. There’s a nurture element in the practice of hearthcraft that wants to feed and care for the soul. There are six pillars for designing a home with witchcraft.

1) Manifestation

 If you are looking at decorating your place , or looking for a place to live, it helps to place an intention, to give voice to your goal by saying it out loud . Example, if you’re looking for a house, you can imagine that you have found the perfect place to live in, with a key to the door of future in your hand , and you are opening it . You can place a crystal in a visible spot, to support your search, or light a stick of incense by the open window, say out loud about your intention and let it stream , out into the universe. 

2) Comfort

 When you want to turn your home , into a warm safe place, you need to use all your Five Senses. Most important of them is touch, which means you might want to add some soft cushions or a warm woolen throw, because nothing feel more comfortable. The smell of incense or a scented candle and a good soothing music , or the sound of a wooden wind chime in the garden, makes you feel at home, in an instant. 

3) Harmony

 Whether it’s your young children, a dog, or a partner, you share your house with ,living together means setting limits . The better you are at preserving your personal energy, the more harmonious the atmosphere will be. Here is a small visualization exercises, where you sit on a chair, with back straight, feet on the floor grounded and hands-on your thighs. Now, visualize your Energy field shining all around you, think of the person you were in contact with recently and try to keep your emotions as neutral as you can. Does it change your aura? Do you see a different colour? Any dark spot or any bright light? Do you feel energized or do you feel sapped of energy. Finally , imagine a golden light around yourself filling the gaps that may have been caused by the energy of the other person . This will also help you in preserving your sanity and Harmony, by filling you up.

4) Purification

 You can practice ,decluttering of objects often. It may feel very difficult at the beginning.  But you may ask your trusted one, to be your side , as you pick the things one by one, to say good bye . Do remember to share your gratitude for the things ,that came into your life, but now it’s time for them to go.  Lighting a white candle with a fresh scent , can help you releasing things faster.

5 )Balance

 The house feel pleasant and nice, when it reflects your inner world . Inside our heart , we are full of Darkness and light. Its never just one feeling .Similarly the house should be balanced. Example, if your living room is very bright, you may want to have another room which is darker in color, or balance out your room with a dark cupboard. A place to meditate can be darker than a study room. In your bedroom, make sure that both sides of the bed are balanced with side tables or lamps. Symmetry also creates a sense of balance in life and otherwise.

6) Protection

Home has always stood as a symbol of safety and Security. But to provide a sense of security, you need to create a positive energy in your home . Some of the ways to create positivity are use of Herbs. Herbst have been known forever, for their protective powers . Herbs like sage, mugwort and lavender, together with a few drops of ethereal oil can create magic. Take a piece of fabric that suits you, the color that you like , usually black and white are very protective colours, blue also has a Calming effect. You can wrap the above mixture, or string it in the fabric and hang it over the door, by a bed or wherever you feel it will be protecting you.

Are you a Hearth Witch ?

Look at the following questions and see for yourself , if you are a Hearth Witch ? and If you need the witchcraft magic to transform your home.

  1. You prefer your sacred space to be uncluttered with simple natural tools – like stone, wood, a few herbs, and some Coarse salt.
  2. You like things to be multi-purpose believing in using natural things for remedies, for enhancing the vibe. Eg you may use Castor Oil for cooking , as well as Skin moisturizing , or to cleanse your system.
  3. Are always keen to explore healing arts such as midwifery, herbalism and energy healing
  4. You practice mindfulness often and believe in power of songs and chants.
  5. You believe that even small acts such as watering the plants, or gazing at the trees and butterflies, can transform the mundane into the magical.