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What is the difference between Kundalini Yoga and Tantra Yoga ?

There are different types of yoga methods that you can consider working on to improve your well-being. Examples of these methods include hatha yoga, hot yoga, vinyasa yoga, kundalini yoga, tantra yoga, and many others.

In this article, our center of attention will be the difference between kundalini and tantra yoga

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Kundalini yoga, is a type of yoga that involves breath, movement, and sound. It mostly includes breathing exercises, which can be challenging for an individual. For individuals that have done kundalini exercises, they testify that this type of yoga restores energy in them and a direct channel of energy source is established with the cosmos.

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How to Do Kundalini Yoga

If you want to practice kundalini yoga, some preparations need to be in place before you begin . Here are some things to consider

  • Try to get a peaceful location that is free from any distractions.
  • Wear comfortable clothes to wear during practice
  • Get into position. Consider getting a mat for yourself, as you should not be in contact with the ground directly
    • Ensure that you keep your spine is erect during the practice
  • The duration of the practice is important to consider so that you are not disturbed
  • You are expected to focus when doing the kundalini yoga, and therefore you need to consider selecting a mantra.
  • As you focus more , ensure that you are feeling the movement of your breath.
  • Once you’re almost finishing your meditation, it is vital to consider inhaling deeply, raising your hands, and also relaxing.
  • Also, important to keep in mind that when you can consistently do this yoga, you will be able to increase your meditation gradually.

Benefits of kundalini yoga

There are various benefits that you will have when you practice kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga helps in reducing anxiety and stress , while improving the breathing ability. It increases the positive energy phenomenally and hence gives a better control over one’s direction of emotions and thoughts.


Before a person begins on the Kundalini yoga , you must get full information about it. This form of yoga releases a lot of energy, and you may not have the capacity to handle this.
Some of the celebrities that Have Practiced Kundalini Yoga are , Gabrielle Bernstein, Gisele Bundchen, Russell Brand. However, when unprepared, the body and brain may not be able to handle the Kundalini awakening. This may cause adverse body and brain effects on the practitioner. (Arundale, 1938)

What is Tantra Yoga

Even though they appear very similar, tantra yoga is more compelling as it does not require a lot of physical and vigorous exercises.

Tantra yoga is tender and precise. Love and devotion are the accompaniment of Tantra yoga alongside meditation, yoga poses, and breathing pauses.

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How to Practice Tantra Yoga

For you to do tantra yoga properly, there are different positions than you can consider. You should ensure that you choose one that you are comfortable with.
Examples of these positions include twists, backbend, forward Folds, or side bend as shown in the picture .

Benefits of Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga helps individuals to have a better understanding of themselves.

Since tantra yoga is related to intimacy, it helps to improve and boost the confidence of individuals during the performance, thereby increasing the intimacy drastically between the partners . It heightens the emotions and sensations for each interaction. For individuals having issues with sleep, they can consider tantra yoga because it improves sleeping patterns and quality, thereby reducing stress and depression.

Achieving the Sexual Benefits of Tantra

Tantra Yoga incorporates the practice of Karezza teachings on prolonging sexual intercourse. In tantric sex, an individual puts their partner’s pleasure before their own, and this may involve withholding an orgasm to prolong the act.
Tantric sex also focuses on cultivating energy, during which biochemical energy from the act stimulates the body. As a result, the body responds by promoting brain functioning, and the individual experiences multiple orgasms.

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Impact on intimacy

Partners who do tantra yoga enhance their relationship in terms of bonding and the physical and mental health of an individual is improved. It not only promotes body flexibility but also enhances the spiritual aspect of an individual . However, Tantra yoga can be dangerous, especially when you get an amateur to lead you in the process. There are also other people that we manipulate individuals in the name of the exercise, Hence, it is essential to ensure you have information concerning tantra yoga before you get yourself involved in it.

Some of the celebrities who have practiced tantra yoga are Puff Daddy, • Tom Hanks, Sting and Heather Graham

Dangers of Practicing Tantric Yoga

Tantric distortion is common among some people who practice tantric yoga and tantric sex without supervision. Just like a drug, tantra may become addictive. (Feuerstein). Sometimes, it results in hallucinations and regression among practitioners. (Chattopadhyay)Source:


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