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What are Switchwords? How do they work

What are Switchwords?

Switchwords are the modern mantras which you can use to communicate with the universe in a very simplistic manner . A simple combination of words put in a string to create the ripple effect in the universe and work at a super conscious level.

There is no scientific proof yet on whether they work or not . However, if you look at the number of positive testimonials of people who have been using them , you will begin to wonder if you are missing out on something.

We really don’t need to understand the specifics of HOW switchwords work in order to use them. Do you have any idea of how electricity works? I don’t.

But I do know one thing that the moment I SWITCH on , the light ?turns Up. I know that if I plug in my computer, it’s gonna work. Switchwords, bring your subconscious and conscious mind together :: It’s a QUICKFIRE TO MANIFEST, to improve your finances, career, relationships, health and much more.

Switchwords were first identified by the famous and renowned founder of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. He suggested that certain words have the power to reach into, and alter, our subconscious. This idea, was then seized upon by an Author, James T. Mangan, who wrote his book, “The Secret of Perfect Living”. Shunyam Nirav, Liz Dean and Kat Miller are some of the names who have really contributed to the knowledge of Switch words and they are gaining more popularity only now.

How to use switch words?

Switchwords are used in multiple ways to get them working

  1. Switch words can be chanted, whispered or said loudly, multiple times daily, for at least 108 times
  2. One can write them down in a notebook many times daily, this is more like an affirmation
  3. You can also write them on your body if you are chanting for yourself
  4. Write on a chit of paper and paste it on a wall or table. If used with energy Circles, that makes it work even if you aren’t chanting .
  5. You can charge your water with them . For doing this , write on a paper and stick on a water bottle /or directly on the bottle and consume the water.
  6. You can also keep this paper in your wallet or under your bed mattress, as a wallpaper on your phone etc.. Sky is the limit to you imagination and intent is your light saber.

Most Popular Switchwords

Some of the most popular switch words are like

  • COUNT- For Money
  • DIVINE- For miracle
  • ORDER- To remove Chaos
  • TOGETHER- To magnify the impact of switchwords

If you want to attract lot of money:


If you want to attract love:


To make you intention come true:


In essence , these mantras can be used for anything from physical ailments to beauty treatments. Eg. include glowing skin, long hair or resolving stuck property or relationship issues. Once the goal is done , then you can thank and discard the paper.

Are there any side effects of using Switchwords?

Switch words are not black magic or witchcraft and completely safe to use. They are means of setting your subconscious to high vibration levels and aligning the universe and your intentions. The strength of the mantra is accentuated by using energy circles/ crystals and reiki healing techniques along with the switch words. But , I will cover more of it in my next blog.

“Recently, after losing my job I had a crunch on cashflow. It was an interruption, that was beginning to get uncomfortable. This is when I Stumbled upon switchwords and I used COUNT consciously for about a week. Suddenly, from nowhere opportunities started knocking on my door. I was thrilled, as I got a couple of consulting assignments . Monetary commissions started flowing to ease the cashflow. You can simply try COUNT by repeating it throughout your activities for an entire day, and watch what happens …

If you still have your doubts , I would challenge you to try this exercise...

Think of any intention in your mind, and try this meditation with full trust and observe for a week to see if it comes true? Do drop in your comments after trying.