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Dreams Interpretations – What your dreams are telling you?

We all have our dreams, which might have left us frightened, confused, overwhelmed, or at peace the next morning. Are dreams really a message from the higher realm? What do the dreams mean? How do you interpret your dreams? Would it be useful, if we could interpret our dreams and discover what they are trying to tell us? In old times, dreams were considered as a means of communication with God, but how do we interpret those dreams today ? Lets see.

Cycles of sleep

 When you sleep at night, there are usually five sleep cycles (about two hours each)- Two phases of light sleep , Two of deep sleep and REM sleep(Rapid Eye Movement) .  During this process, the brain is active , the muscles are relaxed, the supply of happy hormone dopamine increases and the emotion Centre is very active. In brief, the feelings that you suppress during the day, surface themselves at night in the form of Dreams.

 Dreams get to you . The more aware you are, of your dreams , the more easy it will be to understand the messages they have for your life. With practice , it gets easier to put yourself in touch, with your subconscious, you get to know your power and pitfalls better, and you can learn to use them in life. Dream interpretation is all about understanding ,the circle messages and patterns,  which will enable you to give you a wealth of information about yourself. 

 Your dreams give you a little glimpse of your soul. 

If you are a person who does not remember the dreams, as soon as you get up . Trust me, it is all about practice and one really worth it for self mastery.

How can I remember my dreams?

Step1-  Remembering dreams, requires dedication . You need to raise your awareness not only at night or just before you go to sleep, but also during the day . One way to do this, is through meditation for 5-10 minutes during the day , by going inwards , or having a walk in nature. You can also train your brain to do visualizations techniques , by imaging that you were in a dream and hone its observation skills and awareness.

Step 2- Your bedroom should be a place of calm. Subconscious awareness, does not benefit from unnecessary objects in the bedroom and lot of things hanging up on the walls. Try to keep your sleep environment as  serene as possible. Take out some time for rituals tat can calm you down such as light a candle, a warm table side lamp, taking a warm shower or read a light book , just before sleep. Before you dose off to sleep, think of a dream intention such as I want to remember my dreams. Consciously focusing on dreams, just before you go to sleep is a way of connecting your daytime awareness to night time awareness and it is more likely that you will remember your dreams. Try to have a fixed sleeping timing if and when possible. 

Once you feel you can remember the dreams better, you can also get a diary to take note of some details or a few keywords of your dreams. Especially if you have, recurring dreams.

Types of Dreams and their meaning

Once you start remembering the dreams, you would want to understand what they mean and what they are telling you .This is call dreams interpretation. You may wonder like what are dreams, where do they come from, what are the different kind of Dreams , why some feel confusing or terrifying while others are light , symbolic and mystical.

You can broadly divide the dreams into three Types

1 Psyche- 

Psyche dreams are about situations, that concern the conscious development of your personality and your character. It may have multiple events, that take place in a sequence or may be mixed up. Example some people suddenly changed their identity, the surroundings keep changing ,the dream scene keeps changing. These have more surprising and beyond belief elements, such as they contain lot of emotions and usually happen , during the first two sleep cycles. These dreams are usually processing the events during your day an are based on your current state of mind.

2 Inner knowledge-

Inner knowledge dreams , show you the subconscious side of yourself. They often have a symbolic character, for example animals or big jump off the cliff. These dreams give you some sort of an insight, into what is going on deep Inside of you. These are often dreams that stay with you for a long time. When you remember them, your daytime and nighttime awareness flows into each other effortlessly, making your dream very conscious.

3. Mystery-

Dreams about loved ones , who passed away belong to the dimensions of mystery and mystical dreams come with a clear message or advice . Dreams in this dimension are intangible and beyond explanation. They put you in touch with the world, that could not be reached during the day. Tt shows you the their is a world beyond and it teaches you to have faith in that world .

You may notice, that many times the dream will be mixed up from different dimensions.  

Why do I have nightmares? What do they mean ?

 A Nightmare is usually a dream with unwanted or frightening situations or persons, that reflect a part of you . You may not be aware of that side of yours. It may be a carried or hidden fear, that you dream about and that’s why it is surfacing in the shape of a Nightmare. The dream is telling you to take a pause, focus on yourself , turn inwards and recognize, if something is off balance inside you. AT this stage allow yourself the time, to look inside, which will help you understand it better.

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Why do I have recurring dreams?

 A recurring dream, is a useful indicator for activating your personal development. This dream is a symbol that shows you a different stage in your life and that how things are going on, how you are feeling etc F.or example if you are at a stage of a career change, you might often get a dream that your jumping off the Cliff, which indicates the situation that you are ready to take the plunge. The dream is associated with the survival mode, which you may be facing in real life. Analysing this type of Dream carefully , can help you in decision making and the direction that you want to take.

15 most Common dreams and their meaning

  1. Seeing a death– This indicates, a closure on something, or someone that needs your attention
  2.  Falling– This usually comes at a decision-making junction in your life , or a path that you  can take. They may also relate to feeling unsupported and insecure.
  3.  Being naked– indicates you may be making yourself very vulnerable
  4.  Stuck in an elevator– you may be feeling restricted
  5.  Having Sex with random person– you feel obligated towards someone or you may want to come closer to that person
  6.  Facing Exams-This indicates your insecurities
  7.  Seeing certain animals– it may be about a characteristics or trait that you would like to develop
  8.  Aggression – It may be about something, that you are running away from
  9.  Flying– It may be about feeling free of fleeing from something
  10.  Losing your way – it may be about thinking of your objectives and goals
  11.  Pregnancy or childbirth– It is a sign of growth and an upcoming rebirth. it can also represent the change in personality or a characteristic trait
  12. Losing your keys-This indicates, that you are missing something ,in order to advance in life. You need to open new doors and start again and indicates loss of control in a particular situation
  13. Climbing a mountain – It can represent steps to overcome barriers, which will allow you to evolve personally or professionally and sometimes even spiritually
  14. Dreams about infidelity– If you or your partner is cheating in a dream, it means one of the persons is not getting what they desire from the relationship, currently
  15. Tooth falling out– It could be pent up anxiety coming through in the form of a dream. 

So next time, you  go off to sleep, don’t ignore your dreams. They are a mirror to your soul. They are a reflection of the concerns, the situations that you are facing in your daily life. In the night, when my emotions resurfaces that is when they come to us .Dreams are a reflection of a waking life , they mirror your fear, anxiety, desires, hopes and aspirations for the future . You may use it as a tool, to advance in your life that, mentally , spiritually , personally or professionally . In the end , remember that everybody is unique and you will be the best judge to interpret them and get a window into yourself.