Body Transformation

The White Sins

3 Modules 1 Chapter 11 Lessons Easy

About this course

About the Course:

Trinity Course is one of the rare courses which focuses on all aspects of Body , Mind and Soul. Many of the courses , are usually focused on one of these dimensions. However, if one wants to reach there full potential, it is important that we progress on all planes. This course ,  provides you with simple tools and techniques enabling you on the path of self discovery.

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INR 350/-
1 Chapter

Part 1- The Practical Body Transformation

The journey of 23 lessons covered over 2 weeks, spans across the Five Evil whites that are compromising your physical health , leading to increase blood sugar levels, increased water retention and slow metabolism. It also talks about the paradigm shift required to move beyond weight loss and get to the KEY factor that you should be looking at !
INR 350/-
1 Lesson

The Journey Ahead

It took 10 years to put this knowledge together and package it in a way that would benefit you for having a holistic life.
INR 350/-
2 Lessons

Bonus Section

Here , you will find bonuses related to your overall wellbeing and progress.