Many of us have perfect brains and memories while some of struggle with illnesses, like Alzheimer's and Dementia. None of us know the real cause, but doctors usually prescribe heavy dosages  of medicines to everyone,  suffering from mental illness. These medicines have very severe side effects such as dizziness, numbness in the limbs, blurry vision, flashes, memory loss etc. These symptoms remain for a life time and side effects are actually much worse than the real illness. Do you wish  your dear ones or yourself to suffer like this ? If not , I suggest you read this article till the end and decide if you want to be on such prescribed medicines  for long ..

This article discusses various details related to the ProMind complex , created by Carl Henderson . The supplement was made for his own personal use, until he discovered how it effects the brain. So lets have a look at the details about this supplement. 

ProMind Complex is a supplement that restores your brain health and offers a sharp memory. It has long term benefits in terms of retention. It is appropriate for mental clarity and better learning capabilities.

It is completely natural. Therefore, it doesn’t have any side effects. By consuming the ProMind Complex supplement, one can expect improvement in memory retention ability.

The supplements help in avoiding diseases like Alzheimer’s.  The supplements help in increasing the learning power, reduces brain exhaustion, make you possess sharp attention, enhances the creativity in you, and avoids mood swings. Lets see How ?

Why ProMind Complex?

There are several nootropic supplements in the market that claim to bring promising results. But one should not be swayed away by the hype.

ProMind Complex supplement is a nootropic supplement that has a blend of 12 essential ingredients to boost mental health. 

As we age, our memory power, as well as the functioning of the brain, will also be declining. But the intake of ProMind pills helps to boost your memory as well as brain functioning irrespective of ageing factors. From research, it was found that people were able to solve any complex crossword puzzles in very little time. These had also reported that, while conveying about an event that happened long days before, they were able to deliver them as it is without any stuck, which happens when you tend to forget. Claims suggest that consumption of ProMind Complex, in three weeks, will make you feel the change, and strengthens your nerve system, by preventing the formation of plaque.

How does ProMind Work?

The supplement is formulated with the help of experts who based it on research to ensure the solution works effectively. 

ProMind Complex works by stimulating the brain so it can produce an excessive amount of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is an organic chemical produced by the brain to work as a neurotransmitter, and the more it is created, the faster the brain functions.

Similarly, the active ingredients help the mind release a hormone called serotonin, which ultimately leads to a better mood, mental happiness, and better brain functionality as well. Eventually, users don't just feel more alert and reactive but also feel happier and relaxed.

The supplement is designed to allow the brain to produce neurotransmitters to enhance the brain's overall functioning and enable one's memory to sharpen alongside. The mental boost allows the brain to think and focus more attentively, which automatically leads to better memory. One of the most significant side effects of a weak brain is memory loss, which can affect one's day-to-day life on a large scale. Thankfully, Pro Mind Complex helps target the root cause of insufficient memory and proposes a natural and authentic solution.

To further enhance the brain functioning, this supplement boosts or increases the blood flow that carries neurotransmitters to the brain, which automatically results in sharper brain functionality, allowing users to make faster decisions, and think more rationally and efficiently.

Similarly, the supplement increases oxygen flow to the brain, allowing humans to think better and make better decisions. The anti-inflammatory ingredients present in the supplement actively improve memory, cerebral metabolism, and overall brain health.

Each ingredient present in ProMind Complex pills plays a different role that accumulates to better brain function; the supplement includes ingredients that promote a calm mind that eventually results in the production of melatonin in humans. In short, the capsule boosts brain functions to give users a better life, as having a slow brain function or bad memory can be devastating.

By taking one capsule every day, one can experience improvement in concentration and the increased ability of the brain to retain information and process data effectively.

Benefits of ProMind Complex

ProMind Complex reviews have shown that the users have observed mental clarity and improved focus with few doses. It’s one of the highest rated nootropic supplements that have proven results for better functioning of the brain. The following are the benefits of ProMind Complex when consumed. They are:

  • ProMind Complex supplement is made from herbs and scientifically approved ingredients
  • It is completely safe to be used to elevate the mental ability
  • Improves communication between neurotransmitters in the brain
  • Promotes better retention ability
  • The Cognitive abilities are improved
  • ProMind Complex increases your focus
  • Eliminates mental fog
  • Elevates your mood
  • Increase the energy level of your brain
Overall Rating: 
4.5/5 stars




How To Consume ProMind Complex

These capsules have to be consumed one per day, with water. The capsules have to be consumed after breakfast, and you need to drink plenty of water so that your body feels hydrated. If you have any other doubts or any health issues, you can contact your family doctor for the usage of these capsules.

Ingredients of ProMind Complex

The company has worked extensively to make ProMind Complex supplement that shows promising results. Initially, the supplement was made for the personal use of the manufacturer. It was later found to be very efficient and hence was used for the public. Read on further to get an insight into ProMind Complex ingredients.(Listed below)


A very special herb, which acts as a protective coat in your brain to prevent bacteria from creeping in and  enhances your cognitive ability. At the starting stage of this inflammation, people will get to lose memory slowly. The Huperzine present in this capsule will prevent from this worsening effect. It aids in curing the inflammation. It was also proved that people with heavy memory loss, after taking these pills, 2 per day for eight days had better outcomes, which is very surprising.


These are natural herbs that help in curing periodontitis at any age. To test this ingredient, people who are suffering from this disease are grouped and subjected to the bacterial test. Then they were made to consume this capsule for seven days, and again the bacterial test is performed. It was found that the periodontal pathogen presence was reduced to a greater extent, that too within one week of consumption.


For proper functioning of the brain system and protection of neurons, Phosphatidylserine is very important. 


This herb helps in enhancing the recalling ability of the brain

TYROSINE -They aid in enhanced staying power, focus, and strength.

N-ACETYL-L-CARNITINE-( Enhance neurotransmitter scale in mind)

ProMind Pricing 

The ProMind Complex capsules come in a stylish bottle, where you can buy one bottle for one month. Your amount will be fully refunded if you are not satisfied within 60-days of usage of this product. In addition, three discounted price packages are mentioned on the ProMind Complex official website. They are:

  • 1 bottle costs for $69
  • 3 bottles cost for $59 each bottle
  • 6 Bottles cost $49 for each bottle

All the products are shipped free along with a 60 days money back gaurantee

Pros & Cons of ProMind


  • Improves neurotransmitter communications
  • Increase the levels of acetylcholine for better neural transmissions
  • Increase the levels of serotonin
  • Improved retention, sharpness, and grasping power
  • Beneficial for adults who have memory loss issues
  • Removes mental fog
  • Improves blood circulation in the brain and oxygen supply as well


  • ProMind Complex supplement is available through its official website only and it is not available through any offline retail stores.

Is ProMind Safe?

ProMind Complex reviews are proof that it is being used by many people and the results are mostly positive. ProMind Complex is made from natural ingredients after extensive scientific research. Therefore, it is completely safe to use. After taking this supplement, you can experience good mental ability and improved brain functions. It increases focus and cognitive ability too.

Even though ProMind Complex enhances neurotransmitter communication and promotes better retention ability it is not recommended for people below the age of 18. If you are going through some other physical illness and have proper medications, do consult your doctor before taking it.

Conclusion: Buy or Not Buy ?

One of the worst things one could go through is memory loss. Imagine not being able to remember your to-do's, or forgetting your cookies in an oven, or simply forgetting appointments, etc. Life can be disastrous with poor memory, and this supplement is designed to reduce the risk of these disasters.

ProMind Complex is a nootropic supplement that is beneficial for adults who have an age-related memory disorder. It boosts the performance of the brain and gives better retention power, improved learning capability, and elevates the mood.

In case you are allergic to any of the ingredients that have been mentioned in ProMind Complex, do not continue using it



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