Where lies the power to design The Life You Want?

Within you or Outside ?

Are you ready to get off the HAMSTER WHEEL of health and Diet, and instead get to focus on aligning your body , mind and soul at the same time?

In The Next 6 weeks !

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What this course means for You ?

✔ You will create a vision board for your life

✔ You’ll gain deeper insights into the interconnection of mind, body, and spirit.

✔ Discover holistic tips and strategies  about food, exercise, and healthy habits

✔ Experience an inner state of harmony and wellbeing

✔ Start using holistic techniques like meditation, concentration, and self reflection.

✔ You will be provided with Toolkits, meditation techniques, and reflective worksheets,          Blue print journals, trackers, science behind techniques and much more.

Details of the Structure

  • Wk 1- Loving the Browns 
    The Five Evil whites that are compromising your physical health. Understand the science, get a Week on Week Plan , watch the scale move. No dieting involved.  
  • Wk2- Forget weight Loss, and RECONSTRUCT yourself
    It is time to move beyond weight loss !This module covers the secret index that you should monitor and 10 corrections that we need for defined ,toned, body with good shape .
  • Wk 3 - Experience Inner BLISS with the Mindful techniques
    Mindfulness is not about sitting in mountains and discovering peace. We are not Sanyasis. Master techniques to experience peace and joy in your enivronment , when things are not happening your way .
  • Wk 4- Create you SACRED SPACE
    Your house is more than just a space, it reflects your mind. Forget Vastu, forget directions. Minimalism is the new Luxury !Learn how it impacts your mind and guided strategy for each room . 
  • Wk 5- Spiritual Relationships 
    93% of your communication is non verbal in nature ? and all relationships are energy exchange. and they happen for a purpose in your life. Know more about how to decode  relationships , through a lens of spirituality . 
  • Wk 6- EXPAND your Life with the BREATHWORKS
    You should worry about your breath more than about your diet! You can survive without food for up to about 40 days, without water, 3-4 days, but without a breath , you’ll be gone in 3 mins!  The most powerful and most underused healing technique, uncovered here. 

If you are not sure this course is for you ?

Take a minute to go through these questions

  • You are keen to figure what is your Life's purpose?
  • You often introspect a  lot and have quest to know more about life
  • You find it difficult to manage emotions and things easily disturb you
  • You tend to ignore yourself and need to develop Self love
  • You often find yourself irritated and struggle to make Decisions
  • You struggle with sound Sleep
  • You expect more from life and want to make the most of it
  • You want to design a good life for yourself and your family
  • You are curious about mystical things , which are not understood by pure rational
  • You feel lonely and taken for granted in your relationships

If You Answered YES To ANY Of The Questions Above, Then I Want To Invite You To Join The

Course And Change Your Life Forever!

Orginal Price 224 $ TODAY YOU ONLY PAY: $38

What is required from you ?

This is not a course where you will passively watch the videos. It took 10 years to put this knowledge together and package it in a way that would benefit you for having a holistic life. There is no way you can absorb it all overnight. You must be patient, work hard and do all the assignments - sometimes multiple times over the course of days, weeks, if you want to reap the benefits of living a holistic life.

No prior knowledge of holistic arts and sciences is needed. This makes it ideal for those who are eager to realize their full potential but something has held them back.

Disclaimer*- If you are suffering from any medical conditions, please consult your doctor before following any of the practices, advised in the course.

What Others Say



Added to my knowledge in many areas.
Quite a lot of handy information -relevant, practical and doable in each segment - well encapsulated. Would call it a Kunji- we used to have for last minute revision for exams.
It wil strike a chord with people with busy life but wanting to take care of their wellness as a whole ( and not a hole):)





The interesting part about this course is

it covers the most complex issues and problems of mental health and physical well-being in a simple and holistic manner understandable to the common man..kudos!!





Brilliant concept!Love the wholehearted effort of the author towards unveiling an outstanding value course and her genuineness in putting across the things the way they are rather than creating an enigmatic or mystical approach to the wide range of topics that comprise the course.Undoubtedly,it makes you see the world with a different lens.





Your training style is more than I could have hoped for. You brought a lightness to the training, which means there was lightness coming from within you. Am glad I went through this course! Looking forward to much more from you. 

Stella Mathew 

/Home Maker



I  loved the self assessment tasks, which helped me to understand myself much better. 

I never knew  there is so much more to know about myself.  I feel more accpetance towards my own self .

Vinod Kumar

/ IT Professional



Body Scan technique was wonderful. I like the approach towards simplifying things , rather than making them more complicated. 

Its a very from the heart , genuine course with no Jargons. Focused on real benefits.

Pooja Sharma


A Sneak Peak Inside

  •  2 Modules on Physical Fitness and wellness hacks, Worth 59$
  • 2 Modules on Mental Wellness with guided techniques and meditation , Worth 45$
  • 2 Modules on Spiritual Wellness with breathwork techniques, Worth 45$
  • Guided Meditation , Trackers,  Assessment Tools , including Blueprint of your Life 



Frequent Asked Questions

Do I Need Any Prior Knowledge To Do This Course

You do not require any prior knowledge to start. You just need to have a desire to improve and elevate your life , to achieve your full potential . 

What Is The Duration Of The Course

This is a self paced course and you can cover the contents as fast or slow as you want. However , the recommended duration is at least one week for every Chapter, as it requires exercises and assessments related to your life goals. To do justice and get the max benefit, you should dwell on one topic at least for a week, so total recommended time of 6 weeks . 


How Is It Different From Any Other Courses On Wellness

Most of the courses focus on one aspect such as Body , mind our soul. This unique course is designed to get you started on all the three planes at the same time, and accelerate your journey to holistic wellness

Is This Program A Replacement For Mental Health Therapy ?

Absolutely not. Past participants have reported significant gains in their mental well-being. However, this program is not a replacement for mental health therapy or medical interventions. If you are at risk of hurting yourself or someone else, please seek immediate medical attention.

 Important Disclaimer: If you suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental health challenges please consult your physician or mental health professional before processing. If you have further questions about whether this program is a fit for you, email me directly support@toughlikeamom.com.  All participants must read the terms of use prior to enrollment.

Can I Participate From Anywhere In The World ?

Yes! We have participants from all over the world. The content is pre-recorded and can be viewed on your schedule. 

How Long Do I Have Access To This Course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like, across any and all devices you own. 

About Me
Deejay, Experimental Spiritualist

I spent the first 13 years , acing my professional life as an accomplished engineer, MBA graduate and went on the business head roles. However , deep down something was missing. I was on a  journey of self actualization and after helping people around me for four years, I realized the difference this could create.  

Many gurus are selling each of these modules at exorbitant prices, but my motto is not that.  

I am not a dietician , or a spiritual guru. I am a work in progress and just a channel to bring this information to you. These are not theoretical techniques, they have been tried and tested on myself and people over the past few years and this is my way of giving back to the world and that is why I call myself an experimental spiritualist. This course is designed , to achieve the best you through you!

No matter what your age and where you are at ...

You are a beautiful work in progress and that's the best place to be ...