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A colorful rainbow diet will do more than just keep your body healthy — it will also keep your chakras balanced. Energy is the basis for everything on this planet. You can heal yourself with the colors of food that you eat. 

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INR 5000/- Month

Have you been struggling Diabetes . Genes play 30% role in lifestyle conditions, the rest can be reversed. Give yourself 1 month , reduce your intake of medicines.

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INR 3500/- Month

The teenage years are a time of rapid growth and development and this is also the time where we get into life defining habits and some of them may wreak a havoc . Know the right habits and become a skillful eater . 

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INR 3000/- Month

Menopause can be tough and hormone imbalance can lead to lot of symptoms. If you are experiencing Hot flashes, irritability, mood swings, try the seed cycling and the right nutrition to take charge of your life.

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INR 3500/- Month

Poor gut microbiome manifests itself through a compromised immune system, tons of health issues like PCOS, thyroid, stubborn weight, malnutrition and slow brain performance. Without proper nutrition & mindfulness practices, gut recovery can be an uphill battle . Click Below to know more ! 

INR 2999/- 

Have you been struggling with any of lifestyle concerns ( PCOS, Thyroid, Diabetes , Cholestrol). Genes play 30% role in lifestyle conditions, the rest can be reversed. Give yourself 2 months , reduce your intake of medicines.

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INR 3500/- Month


Excellent Service ! I lost 25 kgs with the nutrition plan and my vitals started showing reversal. I feel energetic & Light. 

Ashwin// Industrial designer

Received very good support and hand holding, through out the plan. Best part was regular follow us and checks. 

NIRAV// Blogger

I was heavily reliant on insulin for Diabetes, till I tried this. I could never believe that food can be used to reverse the diabetes and especially because of my genetic history. 

SAMIRA// Developer

Rainbow diet is the best plan ever ! They really made it easy for me to track and eat all my colors. I had heard about Aura and Chakras but didn't know  how it links to food ! I am loving it and my relationship with food is very different now.

Aditi// Teacher, Yoga enthusiast

I really loved how they made a personalized plan for me , while keeping in mind my choices of food and timings. I have no time with my  3 kids, and my health was really suffering. 

Simmi// Housewife

Well difficult in the beginning, but motivating once the scale starts showing results.  The best part is they also tell you the why and how of lifestyle changes, which is missing in many other solutions in the market.  Loving to get inside my old jeans :)

Renne// Enterpruener


Minimalism is more than just decluttering. In this program you will learn how minimalism helps in clearing the mind , the strategies to clear your home and make it a sacred and enabling space, in a practical way.

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INR 1000/- Month

12 meditation techniques, which you can use in your daily life to brighten your inner light, to release stress and anxiety of daily life, to start believing in yourself. 

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INR 1500/- Month

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